Monday, January 19, 2009

Star Trek

Captain Kirk

He will always be best Captain Kirk enemy would be the winner, who first tried to steal the business in the classic episode Star Trek and then finally Space Seed Kirk robbed of his best friend in Star Trek II: The wrath of Khan.Montalban magnetic, robust presence, that voice that sounded like a run on rolling hills - did Khan Noonien Singh the worst kind of despot: the type that you re pretty sure that d die for

A Blend Of Daniel Craig Hugh Grant And Jonny Wilkinson

Daniel Craig

With Hugh Grant floppy mane and Daniel Craig famous piercing blue eyes, this is the face of the last British man. The computer-generated composite unveiled today represents the average male most wanted celebrity features..

Quot Scrubs Quot With New Cast Mate Courteney Cox

Courteney Cox

REASON TO WATCH TV Classic comedy leaves NBC to ABC, and the question $ 6 million for the 6 million-or-so Scrub-o-holics, the network has helped to change or evil? TOMORROW EPISODES We start with a two-parter. D. The first episode, My jerks, introduces several new arrivals, in particular, as Dr. Maddox, the replacement for retiring Dr.. He hard to read - apparently good, but a arachnophobe and black widow-like cutthroat that ruthless with patients without insurance. (Zach Braff) and Turk (Donald Faison) to postpone their annual steak night to hang with a dying patient played by veteran actor fantastic Glynn Turman (Mayor wrong in The Wire ). He also fires Janitor (Neil Flynn). Kelso (Ken Jenkins). The new residents to the Sacred Heart of range even outrageous misfits to sociopaths - in the best sense of those words,. In the second episode, my last words, J. Courteney Cox.

Anne Hathaway Makes Sequin Overkill Look Good

Anne Hathaway

Fortunately, his slight frame handled heavily sequined dress with its large and accessories vainness limited means the habit has done all the talking. The night was held at Cipriani on 42nd Street in Manhattan, New York.. Bride Wars Anne Hathaway star looked sensational as it came a 2008 National Board of Review of Motion Pictures Awards Gala yesterday evening.

Poll Finds Broad Support For Obama

Barack Obama

On the eve of his January 20 inauguration, the poll found that 65 percent of respondents believe Obama will be an above average president, or better, including 28 percent who think is outstanding. . Barack Obama enters the White House with public expectations of its success far exceeds that of any president in a generation, according to an Associated Press-GfK poll.